About Dutrition

From a spreadsheet to the perfect diet plan

We are people just like you trying to fix their diets and ultimately fix their body.

It’s easier than you think, if you got the right tools. That’s what we aim to make.

Why have a diet plan?

When anyone takes up bodybuilding or even just losing weight, the idea of having a diet plan is mandatory. Even more, you need to have a diet plan based on a specific number calories as well as macros (protein, carbs and fat).

The next thing you would reasonably ask is, how do you calculate all these stuff?

There are algorithms that actually let you calculate the calories you need for losing, maintaining or even gaining weight. And after that there are many “macros strategies” out there that give you an edge towards any goal.

The most important part is that calories are the most important factor when it comes controling your weight. You need to control your calories in order to controll the scale.

If you want to be specific with your plan and to have results in the most bulletproof and fast way, you nead to measure things.

Why use a diet plannning app?

The most straightforward way to do all these calculations and to reach the level of detail needed, a spreadsheet seems an appropriate solution. And that is exactly what we used for some years.

But if you take a small step back and think this through, you need more than a spreadsheet.

The problems troubling us were:

  • How can I add my own foods or supplements?
  • Can I share my diet plan with a friend or my loved one?
  • Is it easy and fast to check it on my mobile phone?
  • Can I check my diet plan from another computer?

Advanced dieting, needs advanced planning

Along with all this frustration, came the idea of Dutrition.

The vision was that there would be an application that would help you out when you would start dieting. From the part of calculating the calories you needed to consume, to creating the appropriate diet plan that would fit you goals.

The first version would be rather easy to develop. We used the foods database from USDA and started adding many supplements.

Each one of us can contribute to this by adding his own custom label foods or recipes and eventually there is going to be a huge nutritional database for everyone to benefit from.

Why use Dutrition over the other calorie counting apps?

After covering the basics, our main goal is to make the process of dieting as easy and intuitive as possible. That means having automated scheduling of cheat meals or days with different calories or macros.

We have many ideas that will be rolling out in the near future

But the greatest benefit for someone using Dutrition, is that it is the most fireproof way to achieve your goals by careful planning.

If you know exactly what you need to eat, beforehand, then you are planning for success. It’s the only way that would make a diet plan work.

We hope we can educate and help anyone trying to improve his health and body through nutrition. We are also hoping that you could help us make Dutrition a better app for everyone.