Personalized Meal Planning
for being fit and healthy!

Tailored to your calories,
with a grocery list and
only the meals you love to eat.

Upgrade your body and your meal prep.

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Cook Smart

Fast and tasty recipes, full on protein, with step by step instructions.

Eat healthy foods

Pick the best meals from a variety of healthy choices

Keep the weight off

Track your weight and stay accountable to your diet!

Cook in bulk,
and stay on track!

Easy to cook, five ingredients or less, and tasty recipes are the key to a successful diet. We have hand picked the best ones for you and you get to select the ones you prefer.

The best meal plan is the one you can follow without struggling. This way, you are constantly making progress towards your goal.

Your grocery list on the go

  1. Save time on the grocery store
  2. Buy only what you need for the week
  3. Don't let foods go bad
  4. Hit your calories and macros
  5. Reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

What to Eat Next!

You have a minimal dashboard that shows you what to eat and lets you track your meals so you can stay accountable to your diet.

You can also check the schedule for the other days of the week and update your meal plan if you have to.

Each meal has its own recipe page, so you can cook with ease.

“Despite the fact I thought I was eating healthy and exercising, I felt drained of energy all the time. Through Dutrition, I learned I wasn’t getting enough calories on a daily basis. Now I have tons of extra energy to exercise, play and work!”
Emma Newman,

"It is the fastest and easiest app to use and saves me so much time. I recommend Dutrition to everyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle and have a proper meal plan, whether he is an athlete or not."
George Labropoulos,
Fitness Competitor

“Finally an app that does what it's supposed to. It helped me so much with meal prep, that I almost never order in. I told my students the other day and they loved it!”
Dannisha Ward,
Yoga Instructor

Cook for the whole family!

Now along with your fitness goals, the whole family can benefit and eat healthy with you. The recipes can show ingredients for as many servings as you like.

There's nothing stopping you from losing the weight.
There are no more excuses!